Environments Spring 2017

51.268 Environments Studio II: Designing Environments for Interaction and 51.269 Prototyping Lab II: Environments were developed as deeply integrated courses. Assignments for both the prototyping lab and studio courses are project-based. Students will receive a studio and a prototyping grade for each assignment. The overarching structure of the course is based on three major projects: 1) Visualizing Interactions in Environments; 2) Prototyping Interactions in Environments; and 3) Designing Interactions in Environments. The learning objective is twofold: First, learn how to design across scales; and second, acquire knowledge in communication strategies and interaction design skills through hands-on projects related to designed environments.

Margaret Morrison 112

TR 8:30AM – 10:20AM/10:30AM – 12:20PM

Austin S. Lee | austinslee@cmu.edu
Stephen Stadelmeier | ss1u@andrew.cmu.edu

Guest Lecturer   



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